Completed Minor Research Projects last 5 years

Sr. No. Name of the Principle investigator Title of the Project Sanctioned Year Faculty Amount Sanctioned Rs.
1 Dr.Shitole T.A. Tourism Potential of Beach and dune tourism of Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra 2007-09Science 50,000
2 Prof. Ekar Satish Uttamrao Synthesis & characterization of Zinc-Oxide quantum dots using electro chemical method 2007-09Science 1,00,000
3 Dr. Pawar P.R. ivaVaanasaBaa matdarsaMGaacaI punar-canaa ek icaik%sak AByaasa 2007-09MM&SS 75,000
4 Dr. Cholke Pravin Bhagwat Study of microbial Population in the amblent air of poultry shed 2008-10 Science 2,00,000
5 Dr.P.S.Kadam Analysis of Mineral Element Concentration in Bryophytes of Malavali, Lonavala 2008-10 Science 50,000
7 Prof. Dilip Pandit Kotkar A case Study of Udhyam Nagari Sahakari Patasanstha Maryadit Chinchwad, Pune-33 2008-10 Commerce 50,000
8 Dr. Khandagle Abhay John Bioactivity of Some Plane oils against Mosquitoes 2008-10Science 20,00,00
9 Prof. Mrs. Sujata Tapare Investigation of Computer based teaching methods in Mathematics for classroom teaching 2008-10 Science 1,00,000
10 Prof. Yeole Deepak Rajaram Identifying and analyzing marital problems, their effects on the Society and finding their remedies 2008-10 Science 1,00,000
11 Dr.Late S.S. maharaYT/atIla naagarI sahkarI ba^Mkacyaa samasyaaMcaa icaik%sak AByaasa ivaSaoYa saMdBa- puNao ijalha 1996-97 to 2007-08 2008-10Commerce 75,000
12 Prof. Satav G.P. A Study of accounting and policy of distribution and recovery of loans (with Ref. to credit co-op. societies within PMC, Pune . 2008-10Commerce 50,000
13 Dr.Tambade P.S. Investigation of computer based teaching methods in Physics for class room Teaching 2007-09 Science 10,0000
14 Dr. Mahajan DM Botany 2008-10 Science 80,000
15 Dr. Chaskar A.G English 2007-10 50,000
16 Dr. Cholke Pravin B. Botany 2008-10 Science 45,000
17 Dr. Cholke Pravin B. Botany 2008-10 Science 20,00,00
18 Dr. Cholke Pravin B. Botany 2008-10 Science 65,000
19 Dr.P.S.Kadam Botany 2008-10 50,000
20 Dr. Shriram V.D. Plant tissue culture & anticancer activity studies in medicinally important threatened orchid Eulophia nuda L." 2008-10 Science 20,00,00
21 Dr.Shinde D.R. Chemistry Science 10,00,00
22 Dr.R.V.Kshirsagar Study of Absortance Specta inconb Science 50,000
23 Dr.R.V.Kshirsagar Production and Application of Roifer in Appellative Science 95,000
24 Dr. A. J. Khandagale< Zoology Science 35,000
25 Dr.Khandagle Abhay J Zoology Science 20,00,00
26 Dr. Pardeshi S.S. Geography UGC Science 70,000
27 Dr. Rasale S.P. Exreaction and characterization of chemical constituents from the fruits of balanites aegyptice (L) del" Science 11,00,00
28 Smt Bansod V.M. Biodiversiy of Brachnid with reference to Mites" Science 20,0,000