Computer Science Department Course Structure

Sr.No. Course Name Course Details Year Document
1 B.Sc(CS) B.Sc(CS) Course Structure 2013-14 Course Stucture B.Sc.(CS).pdf
2 F.Y.B.Sc(CS) Paper-I Problem Solving Using Computers and 'C' Programming 2013-14 CS Paper-I.pdf
3 F.Y.B.Sc(CS) Paper-II File Organization and Fundamental of Databases 2013-14 CS Paper-II.pdf
4 F.Y.B.Sc(CS) Lab Course-I Basic 'C' Programming and Database Handling practical 2013-14 CS Paper-III.pdf
5 F.Y.B.Sc(CS) Lab Course-II HTML programming and Advanced 'C' Programming practical 2013-14 CS Paper-IV.pdf
6 S.Y.B.Sc(CS) Paper-I DS and CPP 2014-15 SYCS Paper I.pdf
7 S.Y.B.Sc(CS) Paper-II RDBMS and SE 2014-15 SYCS Paper II.pdf
8 S.Y.B.Sc(CS) Lab Course-I Data structures Practical and C++ Practical 2014-15 SYCS Paper III.pdf
9 S.Y.B.Sc(CS) Lab Course-II Database Practical & Mini Project using Software Engineering techniques 2014-15 SYCS Paper IV.pdf
10 T.Y.B.Sc(CS) Paper-I System Programming and Operating System 2015-16 TYCS Paper I.pdf
11 T.Y.B.Sc(CS) Paper-II Theoretical Computer Science and Compiler Construction 2015-16 TYCS Paper II.pdf
12 T.Y.B.Sc(CS) Paper-III Computer Networks-I and Computer Networks-II 2015-16 TYCS Paper III.pdf
13 T.Y.B.Sc(CS) Paper-IV Internet Programming- I and Internet Programming- II 2015-16 TYCS Paper IV.pdf
14 T.Y.B.Sc(CS) Paper-V Programming in Java-I and Programming in Java-II 2015-16 TYCS Paper V.pdf
15 T.Y.B.Sc(CS) Paper-VI OOSE and Computer Graphics 2015-16 TYCS Paper VI.pdf
16 T.Y.B.Sc(CS) Lab Course-I Practical Based on CS-Paper I 2015-16 TYCS Paper VII.pdf
17 T.Y.B.Sc(CS) Lab Course-II Practical Based on CS-Paper V and Computer Graphics 2015-16 TYCS Paper VIII.pdf
18 T.Y.B.Sc(CS) Lab Course-III Practical Based on CS-Paper IV and Project 2015-16 TYCS Paper IX.pdf
19 M.Sc(CS) M.Sc(CS) Course Structure 2013-14 Course Stucture M.Sc(CS).pdf
20 M.Sc(CS)-I Paper-I PPL and DIP 2013-14 MScCS Paper -I.pdf
21 M.Sc(CS)-I Paper-II Advanced Networking and Advanced Operating Systems 2013-14 MScCS Paper -II.pdf
22 M.Sc(CS)-I Paper-III Distributed Database Concepts and Data Mining and Data Warehousing 2013-14 MscCS Paper -III.pdf
23 M.Sc(CS)-I Paper-IV Design and Analysis of Algorithms and Project 2013-14 MscCS Paper -IV.pdf
24 M.Sc(CS)-I Paper-V Network Programming and Elective-1, Elective-2, Elective-3 2013-14 MScCS Paper -V with electives.pdf
25 M.Sc(CS)-II Paper-I Software Metrics & Project Management 2014-15 MSc-IICS Paper I.pdf
26 M.Sc(CS)-II Paper-II Mobile Computing 2014-15 MSc-IICS Paper II.pdf
27 M.Sc(CS)-II Paper-III Soft Computing 2014-15 MSc-IICS Paper III.pdf
28 M.Sc(CS)-II Paper-IV Elective-1, Elective-2, Elective-3, Elective-4, Elective-5 2014-15 MSc-IICS Paper IV Elective.pdf
29 M.Sc(CS)-II Industrial Training /Institutional project and Elective-1, Elective-2, Elective-3, Elective-4 2014-15 M.Sc(CS)-II Sem-IV Elective.pdf