SC/ST Welfare Committee

The scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) Welfare Cell constituted in College to promote the special interest of reserved category students and to provide special inputs in areas where the students experience difficulties. The committee will look after the discrimination of SC/ST/OBC students, faculty members and staff in the college.

  • Aim and Objectives :-

    • To receive complaints of any discrimination on the basis caste of SC/ST/OBC students, faculty and staff.
    • To act on the complaints received from students, faculty members and staff.
    • To guidance in getting the benefit of Scholarships for all backward class students.
    • To spread awareness of different schemes, policies and acts of government and Non-government organization for all backward class students class by conducting various programs.
    • To Spread the good thoughts and social message from different activities.
    • To Conduct interdepartmental trainings for enhancement of skills among the backward class students
    • Facilitate hassle-free environment.
  • Committee Member:-

    • Committee Chairman
      • Dr.Bhange D. S.
    • Committee Member
      • Prof. Waghmare D. V.
      • Dr.Palve M.M.
      • Dr.Padvi A. T.
      • Prof. Alhat N. S.
      • Shri Shinde A.S.
  • Every year Programmes are organized for the motivation of the students. Meeting of the committee members are held and matters regarding problems and scholarship are discussed. All students avail the facility of scholarship.